Pipe relining is the process of repairing a broken or damaged pipe without digging up the pipe. Using existing access to pipes we go through the pipe and do an internal repair using epoxy resins. We are the heart surgeons of the plumbing industry. The technology that we use gives us the ability to repair small cracks through to tens of meters of damaged pipe.
The benefit of using the technologies is that there is not damage to existing structures. So floors, turf, wall, drives etc so not have to be ripped up saving you $1000.


There is numerous relining technologies and they have benefits and negatives. However we believe our technology to be the best as it is Australian made and owned product made for the Australia climate. It is also extremely versatile we have the ability to adapt the product to suit almost any use of the pipe (e.g. high temperature, highly corrosive lines etc) and offers a 50 year warranty (the best you can get). Our Pipe Relining Product now has Watermark Approval.